Alter Ego 
Synopsis - ©Wayne Bauer

A hapless fast food manager finds his powerful (and better looking) Alter-Ego in the mirror. It will seem like a dream come true, until the Ego begins to usurp Ward's life. Ward Latterman fights to reclaim his life, jumpstart his career, and repair his wretched love life, and in so doing, discovers the inner strength he didn't know he had. 

Having overslept again, WARD LATTERMAN (28) hurriedly prepares to leave for work. Outside this duplex, he runs into MARY ROBERTS, his pretty landlady and the secret object of his affection. She dismisses him as usual while her boxer, ROCKY, shreads Ward's trousers. At O'Daniels an Irish-themed, rundown drive-thru, Ward, the manager greets his two star employees, PETRA, the good-natured Russian born order taker, and LUTHOR, the fastest fry cook in the West. EDDIE, a postal carrier and regular customer, flirts with Petra, who teases him back. Force to stay late because of Ward's tardiness. Luthor pelts him with food from the grill.

While inspecting his mail, Ward discovers that a corporate Vice President will soon be making an unscheduled visit to the store. Although Ward shows no interest in going, Petra encourages him to attend his upcoming 10 year high school reunion. Under her questioning, he admits to having had a crush on KELLY OSTERMAN, the class beauty, whose bulking boyfriend, RICK BINGHAM, wasted no chance to belittle Ward.

Petra swindles some stoned SURFER DUDES who stop by for munchies. Hoping to goard Ward into socializing, she and Luthor bet Ward that he will go dateless for the weekend. Determined to prove them wrong, Ward rides his moped tothe singles' bar, where he flirts with MAUDE, a sexy patron. Her burly date, HAROLD, takes offense and gives Ward a beating. Bruised and disheveled, Ward returns home to watch TV and sulk. He's fiddling with the rabbit ears antenna when he's hit by a lightening surge. As Ward is berating himself in front of the mirror, he's joined by his alter ego. Ward suffers a second lightening strike and, when he recovers, he's stunned to find that his previously wimply ALTER EGO is now handsome, confident and well-built, everything Ward is not.

After a lengthy inquisition, the apparition convinces the skeptical Ward that he does, indeed exist. Intent on impressing Mary wit his new 'self', Ward drags her into his apartment but the Alter Ego fails to appear. Thinking that the Ego will save him, Ward returns tot he single's bar and plants a lusty kiss on Maude's lips. When the Alter Ego is slow to arrive, Harold once again pummels his nerdy rival. During the ensuing melee, Ward finally manages to switch places with the Ego, who gives Harold a serious butt whipping.

Back at the apartment, the smooth-talking Ego convinces Mary to invite him in. She's tempted to let him seduce her but decides against it. Hearing that his name is Ward Latterman, she hurries next door but Ward is unable to duplicate the Ego's slick moves. Claiming to have witnessed the bar brawl, Luthor gets Petra to pay off their bet. Ward refuses the money and attempts to explains his macho behavior. On Petra's advice, Ward decides to attend the reunion party that's being held at a carnival ballroom. Outfitted in stylish new clothes selected by the Ego, Ward stops to chat with Kelly Osterman, still a drop dead beauty. When he learns that she's married to his nemesis, Rick, Ward slinks off to the men's room for a chat with his Alter Ego. 

Seeing Rick paw a boozed up woman, Ward tells him off and challenges him to a fight. The showdown takes place in the nearby house of mirrors. When the Ego insists that Kelly isn't worth it, Ward refuses to call on him for help. Not surprisingly, Rick proceeds to beat the tar out of him. Convinced that Rick intends to kill him, Ward finally switches places with the Ego, who give Rick a serious thrashing. Having switched back, Ward is shocked to hear the shallow, materialistic Kelly defend Rick and their lousy marriage.

The next day, Ward burns his treasured sketches of Kelly and decides to attend the reunion barbecue. Returning home, the Alter Ego convinces Ward to assert himself with Mary. As a result, Ward barges into her apartment and kisses her in front of her date, DICK, before Rocky chases him back to his own apartment. After a pep talk from the Ego, Ward gives it another try. This time, Dick bops him on the nose before turning on Mary, who fights to fend him off. The Ego rushes to the rescue. During the scuffle, Mary is accidentally struck and knocked unconscious. Wielding a lamp with live wires, Dick attacks the Alter Ego.

Having barely survived electrocution, Ward and the Ego join forces to knock Dick out. While tending to the unconscious Mary, Ward considers kissing her but the Ego advises him to win her fairly. The next morning, a seeming transformed Ward confidently greets his stunned neighbor. When Rock attacks, Ward faces him down without incident. Arriving at work, Ward is met by Maude, the sexy bar patron who is also the regional administration. Citing the lack of corporate support, Ward boldly defends his store and employees. In a private conference, Maude reveals that she's been sent to evaluate a proposal to upgrade the store and turn it into a training facility for the company, with hefty raises and promotions for Ward and the staff. Off the record, she applauds Ward's new-found forcefulness and gives him a passionate kiss, the prelude to an apparent seduction. Six months later. Ward, now the district manager, talks to the Ego in the mirror or his brand new convertible as he drives to work at the remodeled store.