KiKi & Bubba

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Kiki and Bubba Color 

 Kiki and Bubba (b&w)

With each knock on her door, a new, unique and hilarious situation develops as she either tries to hide Bubba or gracelessly introduce him to an endless series of suitors, friends, relatives, delivery men or other unsuspecting visitors.

The audience will immediately identify and empathize with KiKi because she is the person in all of us struggling on a day to day level to live her life with some semblance of normalcy. As normal as it can be with the unconditional love of her pet Bengal tiger, Bubba.

Main characters:

KiKi- An attractive single, thirty-something magazine advice columnist and ex model.

Bubba- A 400 pound domesticated tiger.

Katie- KiKi's mom. A doting devoted mother who accepts KiKi's unusual living
situation and gives her more than occasional financial support.

Whinhill- A single, forty something, lonely Irish building superintendent at
KiKi's apartment with a thinly disguised infatuation for Katie.

Tomaas- A tall, black 30-year-old flamboyant, stylish resident of KiKi's
apartment, recently-hired to work for the same periodical KiKi does.

Janice - A beautifull former supermodel living in the apartment above KiKi. She has an excessive life and an addictive personality. 

Anya- KiKi's best friend. A single, extremely eccentric 21-year-old woman. She is very feminine constantly dressed in black with matching combat boots. Young and aggressive. Likes the nightlife.