MUMMIES OF GUANAJUATO - Sample script pages ©1996 Wayne Bauer 

              The Museum of the Mummies (Museo de las Momias) in the town
              of Guanajuato at the entrance to the PANTEON (Municipal
              The distinguished, older, curator of the mummy museum, MR.
              ORTEGA, leads two retired couples, mid sixties, typical,
              tourist, into the next exhibit.
                                  MR. ORTEGA
                        And this, ladies and gentleman is
                        the face that the Guanajuato
                        legend is made of.
              The group of tourists look on in wonder.
              Her skin is dried and pulled taught over her skull freezing
              her expression into an eternal silent scream.  They are eager
              to hear how Maria came to be the legend of Guanajuato.
                        It says in the brochure that she
                        cursed the Don Josef Del Cruz
                        family to "burn in hell forever".
                                  MR. ORTEGA
                        She did. Now I will tell you how
                        a young girl damned such a
                        powerful family.
              The group looks at him with drooling tourist expressions.
              Empty, but full of wonder.
              Mr. Ortega leans into the crowd as he continues his tale.
              17TH CENTURY GUANAJUATO.
              INT. BARN - DAY
              Sounds of A FIESTA are heard outside. Sunbeams stream through
              the open loft door.
              Rolling in the hay are the partially clad bodies of a man and
              a woman. They are at the height of their lovemaking.
                                  MR. ORTEGA (V.O.)
                        Maria was a peasant girl working
                        for the influential Del Cruz
                        family. She had an affair with the
                        handsome, Francisco, the only son
                        of Don Josef. It was nothing more
                        than wanton sex. Two people
                        consumed by the fire of passion.
                        Fueled by the enthusiasm of youth.
                        The heat from their bodies was
                        enough to ignite the hay they were
                        lying on. It was a perfect lust
                        filled moment.
              The man and the woman tense up in a sweaty climax.
                                  EDNA (V.O.)
                        Is it warm in here or is it just
                                  HARRY (V.O.)
                        It's just you, Edna. Shut up.
              The couple finally relax in each others arms. The woman toys
              with the small medallion on a silver chain around the man's
              INT: BARN - DAY
              The door of the barn opens and two figures step in. JUAN and
              EMILLIO, nicely dressed, handsome young men stand in the
              light. There is a burro in a small stall on one side. The
              door swings closed behind them as they step around a small
              cart of hay in the middle of the floor.
                        Francisco. We know you are in
                        here. And we know you are not
              Juan looks about and goes under the loft where hay is falling
              through the cracks of the loft floor above.
              INT: BARN/LOFT - DAY
              In the loft Francisco and Maria scramble to put their clothes
              back on.
                        C'mon out, Casanova. You are
                        needed. It's time for the toast.
              Francisco looks over the edge of the loft to Emillio below.
                        I knew it! If you want to find
                        Fransisco, look were they keep the
                        Are you and Juan the only ones
                        looking for me?
              Juan swings around the ladder from under the loft.
                        Are you the only one in the loft?
              Juan charges up the ladder.
                        Juan! Stay down!
              Francisco pushes Juan off the ladder and scoots back to Maria.
              INT: BARN - DAY
              Juan falls and lands in the cart of hay.
              INT: BARN/LOFT - DAY
              Fransisco throws on his coat. As Maria buttons up her dress.
                        Maria, I must go.
              Francisco kisses her then crawls to the ladder and begins
              down. He stops and looks at the beautiful girl.
                        I will call you.
              He throws her a kiss, grabs his boots from the hay and drops
              INT: BARN - DAY
              Emillio avoids one boot. The other lands in the cart on Juan.
              Fransisco jumps to the ground between his friends. He helps
              Juan from the cart.
                        Look at you! Someone would think
                        you were rolling in the hay.
                        Look at you. Someone would think
                        we were rolling in it together.
                        So, tell me how the fiesta is
                        The brides maids are all naked
                        dancing in the fountain.
                        Hmmm, the party is picking up.
                        Your father in law is drunk and
                        has fallen in the well.
                        Are you kidding?
                        And your grandfather has lost the
                        ranch in a poker game to someone
                        in the brides party.
                        You are not serious.
                        And your wife has run off to make
                        love with the best man.
                        Now I know you are lieing. You are
                        my best man.
                        And don't forget it. Put on your
                        Tell me, Francisco. How can you
                        take such risks?
                        It is the air I breath. What would
                        life be without it's risks?
                               (this should be a
                                quote out of the
                                bible that means the
                                same as below)
                        You know what they say? One day,
                        Fransisco, you will pay.
              The men get to the barn doors as Fransisco makes last minute
              adjustments to his fancy clothes.
                        One day, maybe. But not today. It
                        is my wedding day!
              With that Fransisco pushes open the doors to reveal a huge
              wedding reception in progress.
              The men stride to the crowd. Fransisco waves to friends and
              family as he joins the bride at their seats.
              IN THE LOFT:
              Maria lays dreamily in the hay basking in afterglow. She
              rolls over and looks at the reception as DonJosef leads the
              guests as they raise their glasses to toast the newlyweds,
              Fransisco and his new bride.
              The winds blow angrily about as Maria, with a modest cloak
              about her, makes her way to the big wooden gate. She rings
              the bell. A man opens the gate. She speaks to him briefly. He
              backs up and closes the gate leaving Maria standing there.
              Francisco comes out and Maria talks to him.
                                  MR. ORTEGA (V.O.)
                        When Maria discovered she was
                        carrying Francisco's baby she went
                        to him for help. He was outraged.
                        Francisco could never bring this
                        shame on his family.
              Francisco pushes away from Maria and disappears inside the
              gates. Maria pounds on the gate. The gates fly open and Maria
              steps aside as a buggy drawn by a black horse pulls harshly
              up beside her.
                                  MR. ORTEGA (V.O.)
                        So to hide his indiscretion he
                        takes Maria to an abandon shack on
                        a hill on the outskirts of town.

              Inside the buggy Francisco holds out his hand to her. She
              takes his hand and her place in the buggy.
              Francisco aggressively heads up the horse and they race away
              into the threatening night to a shack on the hill silhouetted
              by the March full moon.
              INT. MUSEUM PRESENT - DAY
              Mr. Ortega waits for questions or comments
              Every one is silent. The women stand consumed by the story.
              The men are standing unimpressed.
                        That's it? That's the legend? This
                        girl gets knocked up by a rich kid
                        and he has to hide it from his
                        family? That was on Melrose Place.
                        Dick, shut up.
                        We came all this way and paid
                        paid 12 bucks to boot to find out
                        mummy here was a slut?
                                  MR. ORTEGA
                        Francisco didn't let it end there.
                        He used his influence to convince
                        the townspeople that Maria had
                        gone mad and wasn't to be trusted.
                        In case she talked. No one would
                        believe her.
                        Smart guy.
                        The bastard.
              The streets are filled with fiesta people doing fiesta things
              in fiesta clothes.
              Francisco and his wife look on from a balcony on high in
              their villa. Francisco's father and other people are there.
                                  MR. ORTEGA (V.O.)
                        Months later, On the night of the
                        FIESTA DE LA MORTE, the FESTIVAL
                        OF THE DEAD, Francisco and his
                        father Don Josef Ricardo Del Cruz,
                        watched the town from their villa
                        over looking the city.  Screams of
                        agonizing pain shriek from the
                        hills choking out the sound of the
                        fiesta. It went straight to the
                        soul of every man and woman in
                        Guanajuato that night. Especially
                        to the tortured soul of Francisco.
                        He knew. He knew that Maria was
                        giving birth to Francisco's
                        bastard son!
              A tipsy, distinguished, older looking man comes on to the
                        Josef. Fransisco. So this is where
                        you've been hiding!
                                  DON JOSEF
                        We're not hiding Martin. We just
                        stepped out for some air.
              Martin looks down at the town.
                        It seems the fiesta is not very
                        festive. People don't know how to
                        celebrate the dead anymore.
              Fransisco jumps up. He is very agitated.
                        It's that woman on the hill!
                        Wailing from the gates of hell!
              Martin and Josef look at Fransisco.
              The women and others go in the house.
              Martin slowly breaks the awkward silence.
                        Come inside now. Your man Pepino
                        has made a piñata that looks like
                        Crazy Maria. She is pregnant with
                        good things for the children. They
                        are waiting to whack at it.

                                  DON JOSEF
                        Very good Martin!
                        I may take a swing at it myself.
              Martin swings his arm and staggers a bit. Josef steadies his
                                  DON JOSEF
                        Tell the children to begin without
                        me. But don't you do anything
                        until I get there.
              Josef shuttles Martin into the house then turns his attention
              to Fransisco.
                                  DON JOSEF
                        Why do you seem so tortured
                        tonight, Fransisco? Even our
                        guests have noticed.
                        Don't you hear her, Father? She has
                        chilled every bone in Guanajuato
                                  DON JOSEF
                        I understand she is giving birth.
                        You should have heard your mother
                        wail when you were born. You could
                        hear her in the next arroyo.
                        Because you were so big she swore
                        never to have another.
                        Her cries echoing everywhere have
                        ruined the entire fiesta.
                                  DON JOSEF
                        The painful joy of birth my son.
              INT. MARIA'S SHACK - NIGHT
              In her sparsely furnished shack Maria lays on her bed tearing
              at her sheets, and scratching the bed posts. She wails as
              another searing pain shoots through her in what is obviously
              a difficult labor.

                                  DON JOSEF
                        Come inside, Fransisco. Don't
                        worry about the town people. And
                        forget about that crazy peasant
                        girl. She has nothing to do with
              Fransisco looks into his father's eyes then yells down to a
              farm hand below.
                        Pepino! Saddle my horse!
              Don Josef grabs his son's shoulders and holds him face to
                                  DON JOSEF
                        Fransisco, what have you done?
              Fransisco breaks free of his father's grip and runs into the
              EXT: GUANAJUATO - NIGHT
              Francisco rides through the streets to the center of town
              gathering the people together. Supported by this scary witchy
              looking woman, the people move toward him listening to what
              he is saying. The scary woman makes him seem more convincing.
              As she screams her conviction and thumps her bible.
              The crowd gets restless. The men scowl. The woman cross them
              selves and do their rosary.
                                  MR. ORTEGA (V.O.)
                        Francisco rode frantically through
                        the streets inciting the towns
                        people to form a mob. Working on
                        their religious beliefs and
                        spiritual fears. He convinces them
                        that Maria is evil and is giving
                        birth to the devil's spawn. The
                        very spiritual matriarch of the
                        town gets caught up in Francisco's
                        frenzy. She agitates the crowd
                        with talk of God's work fighting
                        Diablo in all of his forms.
                        Someone has brought the priest. He
                        tries to talk sense to them but he
                        is drowned out by another shriek
                        from the shack on the hill.

                        Even with his convictions he finds
                        this night is unlike others. And
                        when he cannot guarantee that
                        Maria is not possessed by the
                        devil hysteria and fear fuel mob
              The crowd heads toward the shack on the hill as Maria's cries
              of pain tear through the night air.
              INT. MARIA'S SHACK - NIGHT
              Maria is crazed with pain. No drugs. No help. Things couldn't
              be worse. Then the child starts coming out. It is a bloody
              Maria reaches down to receive her baby. It is born into her
              own hands in one last screaming grunt and push.
              Just as the child clears the vagina, hands snatch the baby
              from her. Maria looks up very confused.
                        You shall not give life to the
                        devil's child this night!
              The old woman, unmercilessly, cuts the umbilical cord with
              her knife.
              Hands grab Maria and drag her outside.
              EXT. SHACK - NIGHT
              Men are furiously digging a grave.
              The priest is blessing the ground.
                        You have given birth to an unholy
                        child. Now you will spend eternity
                        in hallowed ground.
                        It's your baby Francisco Del Cruz!
                        If anyone is unholy it is you! I
                        curse the day I ever laid eyes on
                        This child is the result of  a
                        demonic coupling.

                        Let me hold my baby!
                        Diablo's attack on our souls stops
              The old lady cuts off the head of the child.
              Maria shrieks in horror. The men holding her, throw her in
              the hole.
              A priest gives the witchywoman a small jewel encrusted box,
              then starts throwing holy water on Maria. Blessing her in
              The witchywoman puts the head of the child in the jeweled
              box and the body in a small wooden box.
                        We must bury the child's head
                        separate from the body and away
                        from its mother to keep the evil
                        at bay.
              Maria is in shock but she feebly speaks.
                        My baby. Let me hold my baby
                        You shall be buried alive with
                        your sins! And at the gates of
                        heaven you will find there is no
                        mercy for your wretched soul.
              Men start filling in the hole with dirt.
              Francisco looks down at her.
              Maria's head flies up with hatred in her eyes.
                        I curse you Francisco Del Cruz!
                        You and all of your family to
                        come. I will plague the Del Cruz
                        family out of existence if it
                        takes me a thousand years. And I
                        Maria Conchita Rosita Margarita
                        Gonzales  will personally come
                        back for the pleasure of killing
                        the last of your family!
                        Hear me Francisco! I curse you
                        all! I will have my revenge!
              The last shovel of dirt blackens the screen.
              The mummy of Maria seems even more saddened at hearing her
              story again.
                        Has it come true? Did she kill the
                        last of the Del Cruz family?
                                  MR. ORTEGA
                        After decades of hardships and
                        deaths the family left Guanajuato
                        many, many years ago. No one ever
                        knew where they had gone.
              The upper crust part of the LOS ANGELES SAN FERNANDO VALLEY
              EXT: CRUZ HOME - DAY
              A nice two story house in a nice upper middle class
              neighborhood. Groomed lawn. Nicely landscaped. A new SUV in
              the driveway.
              INT. FRANK CRUZ HOME - DAY
              In his home office Frank Cruz, a fit, good looking man in his
              40's, talks to his friend and boss, Larry Weller, an older
              distinguished silver haired man, dressed in a very expensive
              suit. They are talking over some travel brochures scattered
              about the desk.
                        I love Mexico!

......end sample script pages.