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While touring the museum of the Mummies a woman learns of a curse that may be connected to her husband's family. All is dismissed as coincidence until the mummies comes to life to fulfill a 300 year old prophecy. Now she fights for the lives of her husband and son because of their relation to the cursed family.
  Wayne Bauer

script pages-opening scene at the museum and the curse

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mummies 0001.JPG (176350 bytes)Located in Mexico, the place is called:  Museo de las Momias, (Museum of the Mummies) It's a real museum. The story goes that originally a person had to pay a plot fee, (to be continually paid by descendents) to be buried in the small cemetery there.  When the family cannot afford the fee, the corpse is dug up and placed behind glass in a museum.  The soil has some unique preservation qualities and the bodies are exhumed in good condition, the hair, teeth and even the clothing are still in tact.

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