Terror in Tick Canyon

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Character List

Matt, 30ish trainer and manager of the compound,
Jenna, Matts wife, an attractive girl, in her mid 20's. She has dark flowing hair, mystic eyes and supple skin. She is strong and loves her woman. Partial nudity.
Dee Dee   - student. Very voluptuous, double DD chest. She knows how to use what she has to get what she wants. Prefer blonde. Nudity.
Sheriff Loam   Early 40's. Law enforcement type.
Deputy Pheiff - Sheriff's deputy, a 5'6", 40ish, law enforcement official and good friend of the Sheriff.
Mr. Bobrick - Grumpy obnoxious old man that owns the compound. Slovenly, unkept, 60's, like Strother Martin.
Otto - Matt's assistant who is in his late 50's, stout, with beard
Timmy  - Middle 20's pothead in desperate need of a dentist and manicure, unkept druggie, he also works at the compound.
Glenn  - Mid to late 30's, unassuming in stature, average looking, undercover IRS agent.
Jennifer -  In her early 20's, pretty, well built, nicely built and Timmy's girlfriend as long as the drugs hold out. Nudity.
Dr. Hebert -  Local veterinarian. African-American.
Lloyd - the local mechanic.
Kiki and Billy - couple looking to rent a tiger.  She's overbearing, he is mild mannered. 

The Other Students:

Betty Krocker - Middle 60's, kindly widow woman, matter of fact grandma type.
William  - Young African-American man in his 20's, slightly-effeminate.
Mona - Young attractive, very athletic woman in 20's, tough, partial nudity*, mid 20's, over 5'5", nudity.
Sigfried - Handsome and youthful and considers himself to be the centerpiece of any group, vain, German, slight accent.
Harold  - Asian videographer, always with a camcorder to his eye. He is partners with Bob. Middle 20's. He and Bob are going to make "HOW TO TRAIN ANIMAL'S" videos.
Bob  - Harold's partner, larger man, Jewish. Late 20's.
Raji - A young Hindu man, thick accent. In his 20's.
Megan  - Pretty, innocent girl in her early 20's.
Gary - a good looking cowboy, who never takes his hat off.
Vernell - Cute Afro-American girl in her 20's, partial nudity*.

*Partial nudity.