Terror in Tick Canyon

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Locations - Canyon Areas

Agua Dulce/ Acton area is a great place for filming. 

Click on the pictures to see a larger one.

Canyon.jpg (159307 bytes) This view is from the top of the driveway. (standing on the western set - see below)
Uphill.jpg (166481 bytes) This is the other direction. That's a fake set at the top of hill. A western front, it adds lots of character.
Bkhse.jpg (103796 bytes) The main house. 
boat3.jpg (35089 bytes) This little home-boat is another semi-structure that adds visual excitement to shoot.
Arena.jpg (116262 bytes) This is the large arena in the middle of compound, with lots of room to work the animals safely.
Latrium.jpg (186954 bytes) Just one of the bird aviaries. More visual color.